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Kimberly Bergeron specializes in The Perfectly Perfect Imperfect Woman. She understands the ups and downs of journeys in life and often speaks out loud what others feel but are afraid to say. In doing so she’s helpful to put a new perspective on the things that often feel hopeless or too chaotic to deal with.

Being a wife for 26 years and a mom to many, she often thought the Family Circus comics were photos and quotes directly from her own enthusiastically active home. Kimberly was a resource blogger and a regular guest on radio and news stations. She was also in the hospitality industry for several years.

With the sudden death of her husband, Paul, Kimberly’s life has changed beyond imagination. In the face of loss; loss of her forever love, loss of family dreams, loss of her identity and direction, loss of her happiness and stability, she was and is still able to reach down to the core of her being and know that her Heavenly Father is her redeemer.

Kimberly’s messages have a knack to make you feel connected to someone “who gets it”, to make you feel special, to help your tears turn to joy and to fill the well of your soul with hope.

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